A Game of Thrones LCG

A Game of Thrones LCG Nordic Championship 2016, Stockholm Sweden. More info to come shortly, if you have questions visit our Facebook Page for support.

Main event, Joust – Swiss on Saturday, Finals on Sunday. Registration opens 09:30, Round 1 starts 10:00. Prizes include Nationals Kit support and Flight & Accomodation(not confirmed) to Worlds. We will have a lunch break after Round 3. Decklists required. Top4 placing decklist will be posted on TheWhiteBook unless you intend to bring it to Worlds or Stahleck.

Side event, Melee – Sunday, registration opens at 09:30 & tournament at 10:00. No decklists required.

All decklists for Joust must be handed in at registration, illegal decks will result in disqualification. We recommend building your deck on ThronesDB to make sure. Deck-checks will be performed and any list found not identic to it’s decklist, will have certain cards flipped over and played as blanks for the remainder of the tournament. A blank plot have no effect and a 0/0/0/0 stateline.

We will follow FFG’s tournament rules as published by FFGOP. We will have a number of playing Judges and a Head Judge, please try and resolve any disputes amongst yourself and only call upon a Judge when necessary. Any illegal game state will result in a warning for both players, the Head Judge may disqualify a player with two warnings.