Netrunner Nordic Championship 2016, Stockholm Sweden.

Android: Netrunner LCG Nordic Championship 2016, Stockholm Sweden. More info to come shortly, if you have questions visit our Facebook Page for support. Main event – Swiss on Saturday, Finals on Sunday. Registration opens 09:30, Round 1 starts 10:00. Prizes include Nationals Kit support and Flight & Accomodation to Worlds. We will have a lunch break after Round 3.

Side event – Sunday, registration opens at 09:30 & tournament at 10:00. No decklists required. All decklists must be handed in at registration, illegal decks will result in disqualification. We recommend building your deck on NetrunnerDB to make sure. Deck-checks will be performed and handled according to the official tournament rules. The most recent version of the FAQ as well as the Most Wanted List will be used. We will follow FFG’s tournament rules as published by FFGOP. Legal packs will be announced at least two weeks before the tournament starts.