Warhammer 40 000: Conquest

Warhammer 40 000: Conquest Nordic Championship 2016, Stockholm Sweden.

Preliminary Schedule – May be subject to slight changes

Side event – Saturday, registration opens at 09:30 and tournament starts at 10:00. No decklists required.

Main event – Sunday, registration opens 09:30 and Round 1 starts 10:00. Prizes include Nationals Kit support. There will be a lunch break after Round 3. Top 4 placing decklists will be posted on CardGameDB unless you intend to bring it to Worlds and desperately want it to be a secret.

All decklists must be handed in at registration, illegal decks will result in disqualification. We recommend building your deck on CardGameDB or ConquestDB to make sure. Deck-checks will be performed and any list found to be not identical to it’s decklist will have certain cards flipped over and played as blanks for the remainder of the tournament. A blank card has no faction, cost or effect and cannot be deployed, put into play or put in reserve. It may, however, be discarded due to various in game effects and can therefore fulfill costs that require discard of a card.

We will follow FFG’s tournament rules as published by FFGOP. We will have a number of playing Judges and a non playing Head Judge as per FFGOP, please try and resolve any disputes among yourself and only call upon a Judge when necessary. Any illegal game state will result in a warning for both players, the Head Judge may disqualify a player with two warnings.